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more people who don’t like the vuvuzela…

Posted by Chris on June 14, 2010 at 11:58 am  

i in no way endorse the mentalism contained herein

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Vuvuzela-EX (R)

Stops the Hum of Bees for free

In nearly every corner of the world people play football today, FIFA
says. The victory of capitalism goes parallel to the structures of
sports. And yes, swarms win and make all faces equal. Anyhow some of
them produce their very own sound in the stadiums. This communistic
expression of life sucks. But vuvuzela.org fails. No democratic
reasoning will help. Fanfares are permanently disturbing the cup.
And as we all know John Cage was wrong. We can’t give back the voice
to the peoples. Vuvuzelas kill!

Vuvuzelas (do not confuse with German Kicker Uwe Seeler) and noisy fan
trumpets are disorganised horns. All in all it’s a bad black false
uproar. They can’t be brought into line. In the name of freedom: This
new apartheid must be stopped!

38317 has developed the perfect tool and instrument against the pest.


Save your home XXL – Download the 45 min. Vuvuzela-EX (R) mp3 NOW!

here: http://www.n0name.de/38317/vuvuzela-ex

(82.3 MB, 256 Kbps, 44100 Hz, Stereo)

Burn Audio CD, play it loud two times during the football/soccer match
on TV (2 x 45:00) and enjoy. Please don’t worry, this MP3 is not
empty. The incredible unhearable subliminal frequencies on the track
will eliminate the hum of bees damn straight!

Vuvuzela-EX (R) is a quality product by 38317.tk

powwowered by Fraunhofer

Gleichschaltung. And the games can go on.

The choice for soccer fans

(c) 2010 n0name

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where’s my horn kru?

Posted by Chris on at 10:38 am  


@livevuvuzela. three 90 minute drone epics a day watched by billions. and if billions are watching there’s sure to be some arseholes who can’t take it (one of them is called patrice evra, 29, from manchester).

elsewhere i attempt to juggle abstract world cup blogging.

yeboah shot still rising

Posted by Chris on February 28, 2008 at 1:02 pm  



Attention has been called to this all-ready, but this beat…this beat… (scorcher built it)

eskiboy – class of 07 (prod. by scorcher) 320k 3mb

Wiley: “I was the first one / I’ll be the last one”


Sway also has a new mixtape – its going for free. He does a vocal on Bashy’s ‘Black Boys‘ beat which has been all over radio since last summer. Sway shouts out a whole host of Ghanaians who have done things in the UK… including Tony Yeboah (I was at Selhurst Park that day…whoosh).

Sway – Black Stars 320k 7.2mb


The mixtape also has a clip from Semtex’s 1xtra show where US Sway spits out the dummy over seniority and brand enclosures. But language is public property and Sway supports the right to ramble (“there are plenty of Johns around, plenty of Tonys, a lot of Barrys”). here.


sobre el rio

Posted by Chris on July 20, 2007 at 4:33 pm  

Rupture’s show on cumbias rebajadas (pitched down cumbias) went out this week (listen here). It contains a half hour mix of cumbias rebajadas by Buenos Aires’ sonido martines (full mix in mp3 available here). Stay tuned to the show for a telephone interview with sonido martines with information on origins and the scene. Meantime other links to try for Buenos Aires-based cumbia-variations include FatPlanet’s po//st//s and this at Ghetto Bassquake. For the Monterrey connection try this hit by Celso Pina (produced by Toy Hernandez)

Super Grupo Colombia – Parajo Cenzontle 320k 7.7mb [lifted from Sonido Martinez's mix]




elsewhere attention should be called to this 2//part interview with the bug and this selection of remixes/reworks/tributes of/to Gyorgy Ligeti [via gusset].

oh and you know Iraq rinsed occupying power Australia in the Asian (football) cup last week. satisfying.

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