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Word the Cat

puget sound

Posted by Chris on September 20, 2008 at 5:53 am  

field recordings from the sea around seattle blended with drones. field recordings are often an end in themselves – THIS is how i present that to be – and arguably looking for indexical representations (where this IS that) is just another mode of presentation or impression of reality. anyway – i could just be making excuses because drones are nice.

Matt Shoemaker – Mutable Depths

Matt Shoemaker
Mutable Depths
CD3” Ferns Recordings rhizome_06 (France, 02-2008)
ltd 500

sound world broken

Posted by Chris on September 16, 2008 at 6:23 am  

the oceans are noisy – the world`s commercial shipping fleet has doubled in size since 1965. the acoustic range of whales has decreased by 9 tenths. mass dolphin suicides abound. intense industrial sounds splinter through marine mammals` primary sense. at source propeller driven ships emit continuous noise of 150-195 decibels (dB). at a distance of 6 feet a pneumatic drill is 95dB. sound travels further and takes longer to degrade in water than in air. global capitalism requires sea-freight – more than 90 percent of global commerce depends on it.

undersea seismic surveys for oil and gas exploration are conducted by firing high velocity airguns which produce 259dB sounds at source and are fired every 10 seconds for weeks or months at a time. military sonar routinely produces sound fields of 235dB while commercial fishing produces fields of 210dB. dolphins wash up on shore by the dozen with blood haemorrhaging from their ears after military sonar exercises.

as noise becomes more widespread marine animals are being forced from their breeding areas. there is evidence some are being driven deaf – no longer able to negoitate a space defined by sound, not sight.

the 1982 UN convention on the law of the sea requires states to “prevent, reduce and control pollution of the marine environment from any source”. however despite this principle being established under international law, it can only be established by individual states so long as they do not interfere with uses other states make of the sea (e.g. navigational rights). The IFAW (International Fund for Animal Welfare) and other organisations have taken the US navy to court over the use of military sonar, winning an injunction in February 2008 against the use of low frequency active sonar in various areas of critical habitat around the world. at the time of writing the Bush Administration is attempting to overturn protection for marine animals from mid frequency active sonar (a ruling made in a California federal court in January 2008). a decision is pending from the US supreme court on whether the case will be opened to review. In Europe the EU Marine Strategy Directive (adopted in May 2008) now recognises noise as a form of pollution subject to the same levels of regulation as other (chemical) pollutants.

full IFAW report here [pdf]

here’s looking at you

Posted by Chris on September 15, 2008 at 9:08 am  

i`m still here sometimes. and so time-lagging normal service resumes. two romantic numbers for cell division where binaries are still powerful, cern collisions not withstanding. dear scientists, rushing sound is often clean or sharp (especially with these aesthetics). you may cut yourself inadvertantly. and smug believers in causation – just because it didn’t happen doesn’t mean it didn’t happen.

clean blue skies. high cloud pales.

Dazz y DJ Nobu – ONE Life TO Love Featuring Cinnabom

dj nobu // future terror // cinnabom

rain-cloud bubbling. dark ectoplasm. projector slowing.

Various Production – Deadman (Milanese Remix)

various // milanese


Milky Universe“, 2007 by Shiina Takehito.

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