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Word the Cat

if you’re talking the hardest

Posted by Chris on May 2, 2010 at 2:41 am  



8 details :4

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bright sunlight


aeroplane to london

stamina udon

swamp water

beard trimmers

cross breeze

no coat

parasite – strong like a lion // detail

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Posted by Chris on August 25, 2008 at 11:16 am  

patience please. the internets hiding in the walls can start babbling soon. meantime posts get stored up like camel water. here is some initial osaka broadside…

DJ Mighty Mars – Osaka Invasion Hip Hop Taste (excerpt) 320k 59mb

Oorutaichi – Misen Gymnastics
Yabemilk – Whip_French
Robochu & Dau – Scrap’in
Robochu & Dau – Kuchibue
SPDill (feat. Kazumi Nikaido) – Hinata-Zuki
Moon ♀Mama (Pikachu from Afrirampo) – Onnanoko Yurayura
Nokemono – Gensi No Beat
Wada Shinji (from DMBQ) – Untitled
Kyozin Yueni Dekai – Social Confidence Enhancement
Oshiri-Penpenz – Ah Jigoku
Suspiria – Hi-Clown
Bogulta – Tiger
Tuttle & Dynamo Lablatory – Uzumasa Kinsan Dub
Ove-Naxx – GOTHkeyashiki (Goth-Trad Remix)
Earmaarder (feat. Gebo) – Title

from a great mix cd which is everything in hiphop clothing (more on hiphop clothing to follow soon).


defragment ****space

defragment true

buildings here retain heat.

back in LDN, my friend rastko has digitised himself – he makes films about serbian cultural politics in which nothing happens. please enjoy looking.

3″ of shattered graphite

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Face A

short is sweet.

Duran Duran Duran – Unholy Dracula Vagina Alien 320k 0.5 mb // myspace / label


Face B

wordthecat soca mix (dutty)

zhao mixes the world (clean)

stig more-tal

Posted by Chris on January 25, 2008 at 9:11 pm  


2 for the south. 1 – DJ Scud. 2 – above.

DJ Scud – Next one dead 3.9mb / from


meanwhile… linkdump

the fine people at spannered permanent/archive the winter mix. here.

stood moves to kenya. more excellent minimal reportage. here

lower end spasm’s
dan hancox blogs the primaries here. tom humberstone draws. words and images recommended.

stormy weather

Posted by Chris on June 29, 2007 at 3:24 pm  


raining links. severe weather.

hanuman has a fine new mix up at spannered.

elsewhere, lower end spasm brings our attention to this absurdly breathless history lesson from Durrty Goodz.

del.icio.us twice removed provides 20 minutes of super mario breakcore.

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