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lies and rumour in the branches

Posted by Chris on March 31, 2009 at 5:00 am  

jon hanuman and sam atki2 record together under the name monkeysteak and they have a new record out on sleazetone. one can buy it here or here in the not too distant future, if you believe the scurryings of a certain norse squirrel. this one is drummed like soca.

monkeysteak – history

and a quick version of it pitched down with acapella. chop chop.

monkeysteak vs the dream – falsetto history

bassbin – 4 – bassline house

Posted by Chris on August 20, 2007 at 12:03 am  

bassline. flavour of the micromonth. niche house – occuping a wedge in the London scene between grime, dubstep and funky. popular all over the north of England. write-up in london paper. Dissensus here.


Joe Ruckus told me a couple of things about the history of the scene in Sheffield. The club ‘niche’ was a thin building round the corner from Gatecrasher that was known for being rough as arseholes – the sort of place bouncers went out to take all the drugs they’d confiscated during the week, then fight people. The club folded and re-opened not too far away in a slightly less narrow building that opens out onto an NCP carpark.

It’s interesting to see a style that is popular all over the north of england making inroads into the capital (Londoners like to think) the currents usually move in the opposite direction. Here’s a bassline mix done on a budget -

WordTheCat – Bassline House Mix (aug07) 192k 33.7mb

mavado – what them a do (dexplicit rmx)
dj q – shottas
dj q – gangstas
dexplicit – juicy fruit
dexplicit – good for me
t2 – oh boy
dexplicit ft jasmine – lollipop bass
dj q – what 2 do
dj q – dutty wine
t2 f/ jodie aysha – heatbroken rmx
t2 – flith
t2 – salsa

dj q is from huddersfield and dexplicit’s from london, i really rate leeds’ t2 for squeaky breaks and vocals. another great 4×4 mix doing the rounds at the moment is this one from faggatronix. like jump up drum and bass with no pulls ups.

bassbin #3

Posted by Chris on May 30, 2007 at 4:39 pm  


beenie and buju trade lines over bass and snare. information is unforthcoming. mid 90s (i presume) available on this too.

Beenie Man & Buju Banton – Principle 320k 8.4mb

There is a wealth of recent one drop, soca and bashment mp3 here btw.

bassbin #2

Posted by Chris on May 7, 2007 at 3:37 pm  

more occasional bass. for the bank holiday Sany Pitbull brings a jittery calf shaker. available via man.

Sany Pitbull – Tribos 160k 2.6mb

also recommended is (t)his mixtape. [via].

bassbin #1

Posted by Chris on April 20, 2007 at 11:16 am  

Mobile DJ by Olaf Mooij.jpg

that submarine sound.

(in brief) fast-moving white label. this one’s the b-side. version of bob marley’s ‘war’ on the a-side. might still be copies here (nope).

unknown vs max romeo – one step forward 320k 11.7mb

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