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echo drum the valley

Posted by Chris on August 29, 2009 at 5:56 am  


so let’s go up a hill…


the drum is big. this is from the same stable as that Rhy-s track. again picked up here. this release (called inland) is available via here too. naturalistic bang.

takaaki – kibune // myspace

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teen bodybuilding gallery

Posted by Chris on June 21, 2009 at 2:02 am  

obakejaa are osaka’s oorutaichi & kyoto’s shabushabu. sounds like festival percussion upper body only ear screenburn recreation of columbus ship at double size in osaka bay with exquisite dining twice a day and the possibility of octopus. forwards!

obakejaa – 海賊上がりの体育教師

obakejaa – タイングウェイ・マルコメスキー(ソロ)


obakejaa – tsurumanzoku video

Obakejaa – Tsurumanzoku


oorutachi live:


shabushabu – honyaku bushi

over the hills and far away

Posted by Chris on May 19, 2009 at 9:09 am  

the city just tripped into a cloud of paranoia. work is cancelled. all the masks have been sold. my brain is dragging and pushing a wheelbarrow of tinned food over a hill and into the woods, here is some countryside music to make the flu dance…



from 40 years ago vashti bunyan imagines moving out from the city tending sheep in the countryside and curling up by a log fire. 30 years later the music from the same album was eaten by a more urban setting.

vashti bunyan – window over the bay



martyn remixing efdemin on a stripped back piano remix. bird songs in the background and aphex deep in front. stones clatter gently underneath. keep it calm, not airborne.

Efdemin – Acid Bells Martyn’s Bittersweet Mix (192k)


finally field-recordings from the tanzawa mountains in kanagawa prefecture. from Kiyoshi Mizutani who formerly operated as Merzbrow alongside Masami Akita. rain, hail and electricity.

Kiyoshi Mizutani – Hail at Mt. Tanzawa
Kiyoshi Mizutani – Kurokura power plant



Posted by Chris on May 12, 2009 at 12:37 pm  

I saw a dog wearing a dress do a shit by a lampost this morning, which is not only a true story but another way of saying here are mixdump. still if you bend an ear, like a dog eating specially prepared pizza you shall be spoilt.

Tokyo’s BacktoChill kru (famously featuring but not limited to Goth Trad) have started running a radio wireless show on their site. the latest can be found here. don’t watch the dodgy vocal on the first track, there’s a lot of goodness here. it’s all about the ‘roots of btc’ section where they play a load of influences to their raved out dub sound. beyonce, scotty hard, tortoise, l double, ed rush, mark stewart, company flow etc. It starts at about the 44 minute mark.

mp3 tracklist and streaming here.



Cooly G also has a new mix up at Fact. It’s 75 minutes plus of fine rolling house (house rollers? something stone age like moving giant rocks into place with treetrunks?). She has material forthcoming through Hyperdub in the not too distant future.

mp3 (mediafire) mp3 (divshare) hype.

tracklist –

01 Cooly G – Weekend Fly
02 Martin Kemp – No Charisma
03 Sami Sanchez – What
04 Fingaprint – Print Rolla (Cooly Special)
05 Fuzzy Logik – Safari
06 Cooly G – Narst
07 Audio Halls Beat – Dougs Wana
08 Mista P – Funky Interlude
09 Cooly G – Dis Boy Pt 4
10 Mista P – Physic
11 T. Williams – Tight
12 T. Williams & Smokey – Dub
13 NB Funky – Riddim Box (Sami Sanchez Remix)
14 Unknown – Unknown
15 Halo & Kemal – African Dream
16 Hard Soul – Self Religion (Believe In Me)
17 Bopstaz at Work – Always Into Journey
18 DJ Gregory – Vasefa Argy Mix
19 Cooly G – Hard
20 Slisonic – Can U
21 Cooly G – Love Dub Refix
22 Dennis Ferrer – Touch the Sky
23 DJ Gregory – Attend 2
24 Frank Rodger – Nothing Feels the Same
25 Jovonn – New York City Banger
26 Iza Tonic – Full Eclipse

“Yes Future”, 2009 by Jérémie Egry. via vvork.


Posted by Chris on April 5, 2009 at 1:49 pm  

talking loud, saying nothing. talking <20Hz instead.

Posted by Chris on March 7, 2009 at 11:46 am  


here is some quiet music. some of it is quiet because it’s quiet and some of it is quiet because the frequencies are too low to be heard.

杉本拓と佳村萠 – イス3
taku suigmoto & moe kamura – A Chair 3

杉本拓と佳村萠 – イス2
taku suigmoto & moe kamura – A Chair 2

(Japanese metadata)

both of these are from this lovely record.

taku sugimoto usually works through a label called hibari music. elsewhere on that label Toshiya Tsunoda’s field recordings of maguchi bay, kanagawa prefecture (map below) . first track is as recorded to DAT, the second contains frequencies below 20Hz extracted from the first.

Toshiya Tsunoda – IV

Toshiya Tsunoda – LF IV

consider it inaudible relief time for those with a hole in their download(ing/ed) stomachs.

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