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Posted by Chris on August 9, 2011 at 1:07 am  

right now, lots of things are on fire. most of them are shops. a few houses are on fire in croydon. people have been evacuated from clapham junction. north london is kicking off. everywhere is kicking off. places with a stong sense of community (and local enfranchisement) have come out to defend. the turks & kurds in dalston, bangladeshis in green street.

this video of a woman (fantastically!) mouthing off is adding 100,000 views every hour:

nick clegg, now in coalition with the ruling tories, speaking about how drastic cuts would lead to violence a month before the 2010 election which brought him to coal-ated power:

also reports of hand to hand fighting between young people and riot police on the pembury estate in hackney. surreal mid-afternoon helicopter cam on people tooling up then fighting police by hackney central. a lot of this is received spectacle, especially when sky news keep cutting to car adverts, but capitalism gets the riots it deserves, and all those riots are centering on shops (and police in skirmish), not state buildings. people want fresh shoes, fuck it, i want fresh shoes too, and people can take them for free tonight. no-one on the telly can believe this is happening. that’ll wear off by the morning.

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