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Word the Cat


Posted by Chris on March 2, 2010 at 3:11 pm  


beatrice braun-fock, illustration for das mannlein mittentzwei (1937) [via]


overdue as usual. a mix for winter. with any luck it’s still cold where you are.

wordthecat – winter 10 mix

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[bed] recording from 10th floor. honjo-higashi. osaka.

goldmund – ba (type)
world’s end girlfriend – 誕生の日に (human highway)
annelies monsere – rue de la croix (morc)
terre thaemlitz – love theme from ai no bakudan (comatonse)
kiyoshi mizutani – field recording. west tanzawa in rain, nishizawa and nakagawa river. [buried] (and/oar)
oren ambarchi – trailing moss in mystic glow [buried] (southern lord)
mary ann paterson – reverie for roslyn (sunbeam)
tujiko noriko – let me see your face [aus remix] (nature bliss/kurage)
kiyoshi mizutani – field recording. birds at yozuku path. [buried] (and/oar)
christian fennesz & ryuichi sakamoto – haru (touch)
AGF – alone in the woods (the fox, the skunk, the rabbit) (AGF producktion)
harp on mouth sextet – 六仙迎火 (imagined)
joakim skogsberg – jola från stensäte [buried] (gump/tiliqua)
maxmillion dunbar – loveloop (ramp)

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  • Comment by graeme on March 2, 2010 at 8:18 pm

hello and thank you muchly for the music kind sir

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