Word The Cat

Word the Cat

it showers in hail

Posted by Chris on April 22, 2008 at 11:33 am  

one daffodill in a crowd got painted black. smells of aerosol. a mix for spring. chop chop.

wordthecat – single glazing (spring 08) mix 192k 45mb 31mins


lloop – arsuk winter mix
Robert Wilson + Christopher Knowles – The Sundance Kid is Beautiful
the jahlights – right road to dubland (trojan)
the heatwave / riko dan – mind how you a talk (c+s by wordthecat)
Patrice Roberts ft Macka Diamond – Wukkin Up (c+s by wordthecat)
j h0liday – bed soca remix (c+s by wordthecat)
9th wonder vs ash4nti – rock with honey (wordthecat fix:re:fix)
NTM – pose ton gun (c+s by wordthecat)
OG Ron C – (DJ screw) ride out
m0vado – on the rock
j dawg & slim thug – ride on 4′s (c+s by OG Ron C)
u5her – l0ve in the club (c+s by wordthecat)
lil wayne, nat4sha bedingf1eld & sean k1ng5ton – l0ve like this (c+s by wordthecat)

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