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Sweet Potatos and The Magic Sun

Posted by Chris on January 6, 2006 at 4:51 pm  

New year’s resolution: have a longer attention span…

Phill Niblock – sweet potato 38.7mb

You know Phill Niblock right? (if not here‘s a bio). This track’s built from bass clarinet, basset horn, and E-flat clarinet and is on 2003′s Touch Food LP. Back in 1966 he made a film of Sun Ra & His Solar Arkestra. The film is all extreme close ups and the negatives of shot footage. Like this:

This is the audio from the film, the Arkestra performing 3 pieces: “Celestial Fantasy,” “Shadow World,” and “Strange Strings”…

Sun Ra – The Magic Sun (Audio) 22.1mb

The film is fantastic. You can pick it up from the distributors here or vis Amazon/wherever.

It’s hard to keep up a long attention span when George Galloway’s on Celebrity Big Brother. The anti-war MP and self appointed media avatar of the British left is reaching out to a tabloid readership but also begging a tabloid readership to notice him. Like Germaine Greer last year you have to wonder if they ever realise the people they’re supposed to be responsible for exist (what students? what constituents?). In ‘Gorgeous George’s case reality (you know that thing on TV, what’s it called… oh yeh, Reality TV) is probably fairly distant as he’s constantly surrounded by a new generation of Socialist Worker sycophants (Arthur Scargill? – so old school) wiping his arse and begging him to explain the way things really are – that way they don’t have to actually think. Fuuuck tho its easy to rant – maybe he’ll bone Jody Marsh and double team Davina with Dennis Rodman. That’d be funny. (If you’re not in the UK and have no idea what I’m talking about, I’m sorry)


  • Comment by tetsu on January 13, 2006 at 9:39 pm

didn’t know that phil niblock made films. this one you wrote on sun ra and his arkestra’s made by him sounds very good.
thanks for the tip.

phill niblock is indeed amazing

he also has another film called “the movement of people working” which is beautiful…. i think its available on dvd still.
love your blog & keep up the good work

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