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Word the Cat

Free Maiden

Posted by Chris on October 13, 2005 at 7:41 pm  

I’m well scared of bird flu in fact i just shat myself and it was eggs. But don’t hate the player hate the game. Down with biology and all organic matter. Take out the distributors. Burn down your nearest Tesco.

Saw Birchville Cat Motel in Leeds last night and it made my jaw throb in an oddly pleasing way. “Birchville is probably some sort of Yves St Laurant wearing, latte drinking, bogan band.” Birchville is also Campbell Kneale, a high school teacher who lives in the suburbs of New Zealand capital Wellington (“Dont get me wrong, I ain’t no wuss”). He was raised on metal and calls his style free maiden. He’s toured all over Europe and North America and has been self releasing on Celebrate Psi Phenomenon for 10 years. Live, he uses a mixing desk, toys and processed vocals. The following tracks are both taken from last year’s US tour. The first is from a live set recorded on December 30th 2004 in New York with Sonic Youth guitarist Lee Ranaldo. The second was available on the tour cd. Both are available, with many more, HERE

birchville cat motel & lee ranaldo live in new york (extract).mp3 27.1mb

birchville cat motel – chi vampires.mp3 23.7mb

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